From time to time your company may need to contract short-term with a third party contact center partner to support your business operations.

The choice of verified partner can be overwhelming, solutions offered can be confusing and pricing varies greatly as do contractual engagement terms.

Why are we unique?

  • Scale – we can deploy 1 – 5,000 people on your campaign within 1 month of engagement and agreement.
  • Diversity – We support English and over 50 other languages through our global team of call center professionals.
  • Term – you can contract with our team for a minimum of 1 week or for as long as you need us.

On Demand Call Centers is all about TPF

  • Technology – cutting edge call management, e-mail & chat support management, in-house CRM, Scripting, Predictive Dialer, VOIP, full call recording.
  • People – an enormous resource of call center professional agents based locally and globally to manage your campaigns.
  • Flexibility – to deliver an On Demand resource whenever you need it. You can turn us on and off as your needs dictate.

Choose from!

  • Inbound customer service, technical and sales support
  • Email and Chat support services
  • Outbound sales and lead generation services
  • Survey collection and Market research

Select location preference and type of resource you need!

  • Local or international contact center partners
  • Local or global homeworkers

Tell us how long you need us for!

  • A week
  • A month
  • 3 months
  • 6 months and longer

What do you get for your money?

  • Inbound – professionally trained CS and Sales professionals supported by a world class and bespoke call management platform delivering real-time data analytics, QA management, full call recording, dynamic scripting.
  • Outbound – professionally trained outbound sales and data collection specialist supported on our global platform comprising predictive dialer, VOIP and profiled B2B data.
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